Communities Play A Part in Breastfeeding Awareness

An African American mother and leader, Kiddada Green, shares her story about supporting breastfeeding in Detroit. Vist BMBFA.

Breastfeeding is important because it promotes a healthy bond between mother and child. It helps to raise a healthy child physically and mentally. Traditionally African children were put to the breast, and they were breastfed. When Africans were brought to American children were stripped from the mom. In the U.S,. African-Americans have a 54.4 initiation rate of breastfeeding as compared to 76% a breastfeeding rate for white Americans. I think it's lower because of the psychological effects of the history in America. I think it's lower because of discouragement and lack of support. I've always been intrigued by breastfeeding. I thought that everyone should enjoy that experience. There needs to be information given. Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association was born out of support and encouragement. It creates a comfortable setting for mothers to support mothers. Breastfeeding is the ultimate first food for your child.


A Rare Breed: A Black Woman's Breastfeeding Story


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