'Spent' Examines the Dwindling Financial Options of Many Americans

Black women face huge disparities in wealth which cause us to borrow more frequently and make other risky financial decisions to make ends meet. A new documentary explores the toll economic insecurity can take on those simply trying to work and live productive lives.

Spent: Looking for Change is a film about everyday Americans without the financial options most of us take for granted and the movement giving them renewed hope.

Turning to pawn shops, check cashing services, and using payday loans to meet basic financial needs can be costly for many of us, with $89 billion a year going to fees and interest for using these types of alternative financial services.

Tiffany's story was particularly compelling. She chose to leave her job in order to care for her ailing mother then found difficulty re-entering the workforce.

Watching the film forced me to reevaluate my own financial decisions. The makers of the film provide a checklist of important things to remember if you're looking to get your financial house in order.

Watch below:

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