Alyesha Wise's Poem, "To This Black Woman Body, Part I" Will Give You Life

Alyesha Wise is a poet, performer, and teaching artist originally from Camden, N.J. In this poem, that is both beautifully written and searingly honest, Ms. Wise speaks on what it means to inhabit a Black woman's body today.

There are so many remarkable lines and truths spoken in this piece. Some of our favorite lines include:

We are too often educated by fools / A fool will say, "Your skin does not make you a god" / Well, my belief in it certainly does / My Black is a boastful believer / My blackness is a silent Scripture
… the best way to teach a dark child how to love themselves / is to be the walking example of a dark woman who loves herself
If this here ain't black and woman enough / then my black and woman enough body just don't want you / then roll your eyes…
The poem explores many intersecting themes: self-love, body image, identity, and Black womanhood. This is not surprising, considering Wise's work as a teaching artist and the founder of the community organization titled "Love, Us," which focuses on fighting injustice through promoting love and empowerment.

You can find more information about Alyesha Wise at her website:

If you're in need of a little reminder that your Black is boldly beautiful, watch Alyesha Wise's "To This Black Woman Body, Part I" below!


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