16-year-old Thessalonika Just Earned a Master's Degree and is Planning for the Next

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry, 16, earned her master’s degree this year. The Chicago native's degree is in strategic foresight and organizational leadership through an online program offered by Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

At 14, Arzu-Embry who has been deemed a child prodigy, earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from Thomas Edison State University in 2013.

Her future plans include pursuing a doctorate and having a career in the aviation field. Her inspiration for work in aviation stems from her father Carlos Arzu, a military veteran who currently serves as a manager at O’ Hare International Airport.

In a video for The Daily Herald, Arzu-Embry talks about her three published books. The first "Jump the Education Barrier," is a guide aimed at assisting people who want to finish college early, like she did. The second, "In the Future," was written to help business owners deal with trends. The last is called "The Genius Race,” in which Arzu-Embry says is meant “to help people be geniuses in various areas of life.” The books are available for purchase at thessalonikaarzu.com.
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