Michelle Obama Keeps it Real About the Racism She's Faced at Tuskegee University

Last Weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a moving commencement address at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama.  In her remarks to students, she opened up on the challenges she's faced as the first Black First Lady.

Anyone who has been watching the Obamas' time on the campaign trail and in the White House can see they've faced abject racism from the moment they set foot on the world's stage. Though they've handled the scrutiny as well as anyone could, they're still human.

Michelle Obama recalls questioning her place in the spotlight.

As potentially the first African-American first lady, I was also the focus of another set of questions and speculations, conversations sometimes rooted in the fears and misperceptions of others. Was I too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating?

Watch her remarks below.


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