19-Year-Old Attacked at McKinney Pool Party Explains How the Dispute Began

19-year-old Tatiana was one of the organizers of the pool party in McKinney, Texas that ended with police terrorizing kids in the Dallas suburb. Tatiana explains to interviewer E. Johnson that during the cook out, a white woman approached some of the attendees with hostile language. "This lady was saying racial slurs to some friends that came to the cook out...she was saying things such as 'You black *****' and 'That's why you live in Section 8 homes.'"

Tatiana lives in the neighborhood where the party took place. During this exchange, she says another woman, also white, named Kate struck her in the head and both women attacked her. The police were soon called, and the result was an embarrassment to the McKinney PD.

Tatiana's mother, who was present at the time, said, "I'm just upset that we couldn't have a peaceful event, and if there were any issues that they truly had they should have come to me...and let me handle it."

Watch below.


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