Poet Soré Agbaje Exclaims #BlackWomenMatter Too

Soré Agbaje is a poet who believes #BlackWomenMatter too. In her piece, “Black Women are Killed by the Police Too,” she says, “Black woman choose between Eric Gardner and Aiyana Stanley-Jones.” This line speaks to the trend that when fighting for justice, communities often choose between the women and men and between the girls and boys who have been shot down and brutalized by police.

In the description for the video, Agbaje says,
“As a woman of color I have often felt silenced. I have often felt like a second class citizen and excluded. It saddened me however that I still felt this in spaces where I should have been loved and held sacred: while chanting black lives matter in a protest, while mourning for the fate of black men in America but reading the comments section below a video ousting catcalling and misogyny but not feeling that same support, while reading an article on women who have also been killed and brutalized by the police in shock.”

This piece was inspired by those feelings. She adds, “I hope this video empowers black women to speak up in love, in defiance, in protest, without feeling as though choosing to do so is a burden.”

Watch her video below.

Deonna Anderson is Junior Editor at For Harriet. Follow her @iamDEONNA.


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