Video Shows Ohio Cop Grabbing and Slamming 12-Year-Old Black Girl Against His Car

Krystal Dixon, 33, of Fairfield, Ohio claims a minor violation of pool rules at the Fairfield Aquatic Center ended up with a family trip to the hospital after police used excessive force in removing them from the pool.

Dixon, who is pregnant, dropped off her children, nieces, and nephews at the pool and left to pick up her sister. One of her nephews was then told to leave the pool because he did not have on a proper swimsuit.

After the children called Dixon to report this she said she arrived ten minutes later with swimming trunks for him. The pool staff, however, told her the child had broken the rules by swimming in his clothes, and that the other children had to leave due to how they'd behaved when told about the violation.

Dixon says the family decided to leave, but was followed out by a park ranger. When the family came over to her to see what was going on, the ranger took out his handcuffs and said they'd all be arrested if they did not leave. Dixon claims he grabbed her arm after she was unable to present him with ID, and the scene escalated from there.

The video footage shows police officers attempting to apprehend several young members of the family. A white civilian can even be seen aiding one arrest, pushing up against a handcuffed black teen. One girl was pepper sprayed and another is crying as she is grabbed by the neck and pushed into a squad car.

The police claim the use of force was justified. “They refused to leave and became even more verbally aggressive and belligerent,” Fairfield police officer Doug Day said. Day claims the 12 year old girl was striking and pushing an officer, and that the officers showed "great restraint". “At one point, one of our officers felt his gun was being taken away from him," he added. "The only weapon he used was the OC spray, to get someone off the back of the officer.”

"We completely support our officers in what they did," Day said.

Watch the footage below:


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