These Activists Are Here to Remind You That #BlackWomenMatter

In a Brooklyn Independent Media short video, Arielle Newton, an organizer with Black Lives Matter, is followed around New York City as she promotes the importance of including Black women in movement work.
"Within the black community, the voices of Black women tend to certainly get lost. Black female leadership or Black women leadership, both cisgender and transgender, are not recognized in the same ways that Black cisgender men are recognized, we see that even in the victims of police brutality"
Newton and other organizers can be seen speaking to people on the streets about the importance of recognizing the lives of Black women who have been victims of police brutality. They tell the stories of Rekia Boyd, Mya Hall, Aiyana Jones and others, explaining that these women are often left out of the narrative of police brutality in America.
Newton asserts that is crucial to mourn and recognize all lives that are taken by the hands of law enforcement:
"We as a nation get very outraged and angry when we see a Black male dead by the hands of police, but not in the same ways when Black women are killed by police. And that isn't to say we don't mourn the lives of Black men who die, because we absolutely do. But we also mourn the lives of Black women and girls and children who are killed by police."
As Black women continue to experience police brutality, the work these activist are doing is extremely crucial and important.

Watch the video below.


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