Women Prisoners Sing of the Heartbreaking Reality of Life Imprisonment

The Lady Lifer's chorus of Muncy State Prison is made up of women who are serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. Each woman has served 27-40 years in prison. At a TEDx event held at the prison, these women sing about the very real possibility of dying alone in prison.

Lead singer Brenda Watkins, starts the song by singing, "I'm a woman. I'm a grandmother. I'm a daughter. I have a son. I'm not an angel, I'm not the devil. I came to jail when I was so young."

After Watkins finishes her solo, each woman gives her inmate number, her name, how long she has been incarcerated, and where she is from. At the end of every introduction, each woman boldly states that Muncy State Prison is not her home.

"This Is Not My Home," was written by Howard Woodring, with music by Naomi Blount.

Watch the performance below.


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