22-Year-Old Woman Dies after Receiving Illegal Butt Injections

Another woman has died after receiving illegal butt injections. 22-year-old Daysha Phillips died just four days after getting the illegal procedure in a Missouri hotel room.

Phillips became ill almost immediately after getting the injections, reports KDFW Fox 4. Investigators say she received the injections on July 26 and was hospitalized two days later. She died July 30.
“The victim went into respiratory distress, it was determined by family members what had occurred that could have led up to it,” said Chief Miklos Hurocy of the Edmundson Police Department, "They added two and two together and we were notified.”

It's unknown what substance was used to inject Phillips and it could take up to three weeks before the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office can determine what was injected into her.

"We're trying to look at photographs, videos and identify suspects in the case," said Chief Hurocy. "Now we're just trying to follow the leads that we have."

Phillips and three other women were given injections in a hotel room in Edmundson, Missouri. Phillips was the only woman with serious complications.

Sources: KMOV & KDFW


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