Poet T. Miller Calls Upon the Resilience of our Foremothers with "Us Black Women"

Natasha T. Miller is an international touring slam poet, queer rights activist, and filmmaker born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. With her piece “Us Black Women,” which she performed at the Lend Me Your Ears Poetry Slam hosted by the Black Poet Society of Michigan State University, she garnered a first place prize.

In the piece she explores the history of Black women in America and touches on the struggles Black women face today. She states, “I got the tongue of Harriet Tubman, can still taste the blood of all the wounds she licked to get us here. And we are constantly trying to get back there.” Watch the full video below.

Photo: YouTube

Deonna Anderson is Junior Editor at For Harriet. Follow her on Twitter @iamDEONNA.


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