This British Rapper Just Snatched Our Edges With This Epic Freestyle

In her fourth installment of "Queen's Speech" British rapper, Lady Leshurr takes to the streets and delivers an epic freestyle, reminding her haters to brush their teeth before speaking to her.

Since February Lady Leshurr has been delivering freestyles each month and consistently giving us black girl realness. In the fourth episode of Queen's Speech Lady Leshurr is the ultimate carefree black girl as she spits her rhymes while walking and dancing in the middle of a street. 

While there are catchy lines throughout the freestyle, twitter can't seem to get enough of one bar:
"I've got a dark skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal, and I've got a light skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal"
We can't wait for the fifth installment! You can purchase "Queen's Speech 4" here.

Check out the video below.


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