Black Family Terrorized By Racist Campers During California Camping Trip

Kanisha Allen and her family traveled to Rollins Lake in Nevada County, California for a camping trip but ended up becoming victims of a hate crime and hope to press charges against their assailants.

"We pitched the tents, we bring the food, we cook the ribs," Allen told Fox40. "Some of the other campers from the rowdier group were just staring over and making racial comments."

They decided to ignore the comments, but the following night, it happened again. "[He said,] 'I didn't come here to sleep next to any f--king n's,' " Allen said

The man then started running toward them with what Allen said she believed to be a gun.

"It was terrifying. I have a 9-month-old daughter, and I grabbed her, and the only thing that I could think of was, 'You need to go down the ravine and hide next to the water,' because we didn't know what was happening," Allen said.

Allen’s mother fell down, injuring her face. "[My mother was alive during the civil rights movement, and] to have to relive some of the things that she had gone through in her younger years today, it is almost unbelievable," Allen said.

The police came to the camp site but did not find a weapon on the man.

"They didn't think that he was drunk and didn't find any weapons on him, and for some reason or another, decided to let him go. ... We expressed that we had feared for our lives, you know? And still nothing was done at that point," Allen said.

The man was banned from the campsite, a manager informed Fox40.

Watch below.


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