Poet Curmiah Lisette Celebrates Those of Us Who Know We're Great

In her poem “Great,” Curmiah Lisette aims to celebrate of those who know and own their greatness, while putting out a call to action for those who have yet to discover it. “[Great] documents the culture of [devaluing] the worth of the black woman and how we must rise above it,” she said in a statement.“It touches on the idea of matriarchy and how men who are often raised in such environments face the struggle against conforming and submitting to patriarchal traditions.”

Curmiah was born in St. Lucian born and raised in London. She is a poet, model, performer and educator. In 2014, her work made her a recipient of St. Lucia's National Youth Awards for both Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts and Outstanding Youth in Performing Arts. Her work is draws on her Caribbean and British identities and intersects with with what it means for her to be a lover, to be black, and to be female.

Check out the beautiful visuals for her piece “Great” below.

Photo: YouTube

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