Writer Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on Why Celebrating Black Brilliance is Revolutionary

Writer Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah appeared on PBS Newshour to give her take on the importance of celebrating Black brilliance. "We deserve it," she says.

Ghansah has gained a following because of her brilliant essays on Black life and Black art. In 2014, she was nominated for a National Magazine Award for her profile of Dave Chappelle. She offers a perspective that refuses to flatten her subjects. "I'm more interested in the moments where they were uncompromising, and they were fearless...it tells us a little bit about how we can be fearless" she says.
Ghansah says Toni Morrison Beloved changed everyone's lives. "For me Toni Morrison doesn't exist on this plane," she says. "She almost exists on this odd, spiritual other world in terms of her work." In 2015, Ghansah wrote this spectacular piece on Toni Morrison for the New York Times magazine to celebrate her.

Watch her full take below.


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