Rihanna Delivers Sensual Sincerity in the "Kiss It Better" Video

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by Kimberly Foster @KimberlyNFoster

Rihanna just can't seem to make a bad video. With each of her visuals the Bajan popstar shows audiences that she's got great taste and knows how to pick a creative team.

"Kiss It Better" is the third video from her critically-acclaimed Anti. The first two for "Work" were lively and colorful. This one is bare and grey-scale. Rihanna writhes in sheer silk lingerie while singing of her lover's touch. It is sexy but never veers into the pornographic. Even the removal of her camisole feels like an act of longing not desperation.

The track utilizes the conventions of 80s r&b that have become fashionable, once again. It has an slinky Prince feel and the video gives shades of "Kiss," with the fabric-covered writhing.

But, ultimately, "Kiss It Better" is Rihanna stripped down performing sincerity. Rihanna often delivers us striking and vibrant representations of her music, but she doesn't often give us this kind of beauty. "Kiss It Better" is a treat.

Watch below.


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