Indie Artist Taylor Simone Releases "Boys Love Shawn Carter"

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In his new song "Girls Love Beyonce," Drake attempts to explain exactly how women think and feel about men they enter into relationships with. But what makes Drake so sure he can speak for all women? Indie artist Taylor Simone remixed the original to respond to Drake's generalizations.

Check out the lyrics:
“Boys Love Sean Carter”

(Verse 1)
I know Boys Love Shawn Carter
But they think Chief Keef go harder
They play Drake to get women
And honey you Ain’t no different

These days its hard to find men that
Don’t think they got me figured
Take my kindness for weakness
Then try to mess with my mental

But I digress,
Back to the point, honest,
What were we talkin bout?
You got your arm around
My ass and say you see just who I am
But you just talkin
That ovoxo got you mumbling and barely walkin

But if you can pronounce it

Say my name, Say my name
If no one is around you, say baby I love you, yea

Say my name Say my name
You actin kinda hazy
Baby, why the sudden change?
Say my name, say my name, say my name

If no one is around you…

(verse 2)
Say my name, say my name
Cause you kinda outta practice
And this ain’t no time for rappin
And this ain’t no time for slick
And this ain’t no time for entitlement
And this ain’t no time for makin demands with sappy lines
And sayin lies I ain’t got the time

This is why I been sayin
No new friends no, no, no
You know how this shit goes
This is not 4 years ago

Time escapes me
I forgot those sdays way back in freshman class
We came through with body that made young boys almost break they back
Now they always steady sayin “Get money and fuck these hoes”
Where they learn these values?
In the hustle of the rap game
If you wanna see the reason, peep the lyrics Drake be singin
I need someone hear to feel me and just not think I’m Od-ing

I need someone to be on the same page with
I don’t wanna explain no more
I don’t wanna feel insane no more
Don’t have to worry you don’t feel the same no more
But here we are alone
And I got carried away
Lemme leave your ass alone
Drunk ass still don’t know my name


What do you think of "Boys Love Shawn Carter"?


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