dream hampton Directs Short Film on the Fight for Justice for Renisha McBride

Writer and filmmaker dream hampton organized a march for Renisha McBride and directed this short film about the collective effort to bring her killer to justice.

Days after the murder of the 19 year-old in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, the man who shot her on his front porch remains free. The outrage that often accompanies the murder of young, black men has yet to materialize.


Southeastern Michigan is one of the most segregated areas in the country. That's a fact. It has been a fact for decades. It's a kind of apartheid where the city of Detroit is 80% black, and it's surrounded by very segregated suburbs. Dearborn Heights is what we call a "sunset town." It's basically a town that historically black people shouldn't be caught in after dark. it's something that was very common in the 50s and continues today.

Would you walk around that town at night?

I should be able to. They're telling the media that this was an accident. If this was an accident, the last time I checked, that's manslaughter. But I personally am outraged that a 19 year old girl was shot in the face less than 36 hours ago and no one is in custody. I find that outrageous.


Detroit Woman Shot and Killed While Seeking Help, Family Seeks Justice


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