Meet Your First Black Girlfriend: A Guide to Interracial Dating

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All relationships have their obstacles, but the challenges that arise when dating interracially can be particularly tiresome. That's why we salute Akilah aka Smoothiefreak for this hlarious and spot on take on the subject.

Watch Akilah's do's and don'ts for successfully dating a black girl.


Hi! I'm your first black girlfriend. Yes, you can touch my hair, but your friends can't and your family can't, so don't ask. Tell your family I exist. Look this is non-negotiable. Do you want to date me or my mom? Me? Good then man up and tell her about us. Your friends are going to ask you what it's like to date a black girl, and there are only two acceptable responses. One: Make a really funny joke about eating fried chicken every night or two tell them to stop exoticizing your relationship because I'm just a human woman like any other human woman. You can get fried chicken. I don't care. That is not what ashy means. Stop staring at my satin cap, ok? I wear it because I don't want my hair to go everywhere and look like a mess. I know you can't recognize when my hair looks a mess, but I don't want side eye from the black people on the train. That's not what nappy means. Look, I'd like to watch "The Help," or "Django," or "12 Years A Slave with You" but if you're going to make sex weird because of it, I don't want to. All right, I know you think slavery wasn't cool, but if you could just talk to your white friends about your guilt instead of making me feel it, that'd be fine. You can never say the "n-word." Not even if it has an "a" on the end of it. Nod so I know you understand because I'm not going to tell you again. Thank you. You can tell me you like "Scandal" because of the ensemble cast, but I know it's because you have Olitz fantasies. You're seriously going to ask me how it compares to a black guy's right now? You're serious? Like, you're really doing this?


To Swirl or Not to Swirl


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