Watch the Complete "The Girl Who's Never Been on a Nice Date" Series

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by Candace Tyler

Comedienne/actress Quinta B has been cracking people on Instagram with her series The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date. The series follows Quinta and her man on various dates where he takes her to movies, shopping and to nice restaurants all the while she is completely taken aback by the fact that “he got money”. I had a chance to speak with Quinta B and she is just as hilarious as her videos, and while she says she’s never been the girl who’s never been on a nice date, she can completely relate to her.

Quinta lives in Los Angeles by way of West Philly. While growing up she looked up to comedians such as Martin Lawrence and Lucille Ball, since then she has performed in comedy clubs on the west club and was featured on BET’s 106 and Park. Eventually she wants to write for a comedy series, but in the meantime she has been setting the internets ablaze with her all too relatable characters, just watch the clip below if you don’t believe me and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @QuintaB


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