We Can't Wait to Watch 3L (Live. Laugh. Love.)

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If you're looking for media that challenges traditional perceptions of Black womanhood, you'll have to look online. And I'm grateful for the enterprising creatives who've taken their talents to YouTube.

Francesca Andre's "3L" is a welcome addition to our growing list of must watch web series.

The series centers around Gaelle, an Ivy League graduate, who moves to Brooklyn after a painful breakup. Gaelle begins a new journey as a Jazz Vocalist, Poet and Amateur cook.

She is joined by several characters, who are there to support and accompany her through the peaks and valleys we all experience when starting fresh, pursuing one’s passion, and opening up to new possibilities and relationships.

The series is created & directed by Francesca Andre , written by Brian A Lynch, Francesca Andre, Melissa Ternier and Darrion Beckles

Watch the first season teaser below:

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