YouTuber Jouelzy Speaks Out on Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community

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YouTuber Jouelzy is one of my favorite vloggers because she's always honest and articulate no matter the subject matter. In one of her latest videos, she discusses the discrimination she's faced because her 4b/4c hair is less "visually appealing" than some of her fellow vloggers.

She says curly girls get all the love.

I find the natural hair community to be full of swindles largely because they continue to promote the idea that healthy, natural hair is curly, shiny, it's laid full of baby hairs, and that's the pinnacle for what healthy natural hair should look like. That leaves a large audience of women out who are natural and who might be thinking that they're doing something wrong with their hair because their hair doesn't look like what's being represented in the natural hair community.

Jouelzy has over 80,000 subscribers but says she's yet to be invited to events or offered business opportunities that align with her reach.

The support from the companies that want to utilize me and utilize my audience to capitalize financially off of it still don't support me in the same way that they support other people with curly, bouncy, baby hairs.

And she's got a plan to fight back.

We need to stop supporting businesses that do not represent for us.
Watch the video here.

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