Beyoncé is a Carefree Black Girl in Her New "7/11" Music Video

While she may not be pulling off a stunt like last year's secret album release, Beyoncé absolutely knows how to generate a buzz.

After rumors spread of a "Part II" to last year's smash Beyoncé, people on the Internet started doing what the do best: members of the "Beyhive" freaked out, and those who aren't kept hating.

It was then confirmed that Queen Bey was only putting out a deluxe version of her most recent album, with a few new songs, remixes, and unseen video footage from her summer tour with husband Jay-Z.

And now the first video from one of the new songs has hit the web, after a snippet of "7/11" had been "leaked" earlier this week with another new song, "Ring Off." The video for "7/11" is low-key, fun, and features a carefree Beyoncé dancing with some homegirls.  

Watch the video for the catchy new song below:


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