YouTube Vlogger's Powerful Video Explains How "The System Isn't Failing Us"

In the following video, YouTube vlogger Blvck Nostalgia [sic] (real name Jazmyne) breaks down why the Black community needs to stop relying on the government and other institutions to help repair the issues that have historically and systematically affected us.

The video is intended to be the first in a series of videos focusing on Black culture and community titled, "Blvck Society" [sic]. The videos will support the thesis statement she sets up at the beginning of the first video:
In order for us to fix the problems in the black community, we must [first] relinquish our dependency on those who are oppressing us.
She goes on to challenge the argument we often hear about the system failing us, explaining her belief that the system is not failing us, but rather doing what it was always intended to do, which is "to keep us dependent, unintelligent, and profitable."

Jazmyne uses the cycle of poverty and the extrajudicial killing of Black men, women, and children to support her claims, making a powerful argument to back up her original thesis statement.

Although her ideas aren't new, they are often not discussed enough. Many Black people and people of color still believe respectability politics and turning a blind eye to the issues that affect us will magically end the way oppression impacts our lives collectively and individually.

Do you agree with Jazmyne's thoughts about the Black community needing to change our approach to solving the problems that affect us? Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts!


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