Vlogger Jouelzy Shares Personal Tips on Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

As a follow-up to her video, "Loneliness & The Strong Black Woman," Jouelzy has decided to let viewers in on methods she uses for her anxiety.

Like all of her videos, Jouelzy remains honest and advises viewers to abandon the claim that mental illness is a white woman's disease. From experience, Jouelzy believes that everyone, and black people, in particular, must be open to the reality that they suffer from anxiety, depression, and other illnesses.

With a desire to help, Jouelzy recognizes that she is not a doctor. She is not licensed to diagnose and to guarantee that her tips will work, and she also understands that all people deal with mental illnesses differently. Nevertheless, we are thankful for the consideration and thought she took to compile this list.

In summary, for Jouelzy, dealing with anxiety and depression became easier when she was honest about her experience, kept a journal, avoided emotional eating, engaged in breathing exercises/Yoga, and avoided substance abuse.

Taking care of ourselves should be a priority, and with help, our desire to lead full, healthy, and joyful lives can outweigh pride and fear. It is never too late for any of us to realize that we cannot do it alone.

Watch the video below.

Randie Henderson is a Gates Millennium Scholar and recent college grad. She is driven to write, read, learn, and educate about ways to dismantle oppression in America and globally because she is passionate about people and justice. You can find her on


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