Bus Driver Fired for Calling 11-Year-Old Student Gay for Playing Games With a Friend

An 11-year-old Kansas City, Missouri student, Maurissa Rushing, loves to play a game on the bus, where she and her best friend chase each other’s fingers up and down their arms.  Last Friday, a bus driver held the two students behind until all of the other students got off of the bus. The bus driver then told Maurissa that she was “gay” for touching her friend and that they would both “burn in hell.”

Maurissa described the situation to WDAF, “She said that we are gonna burn in hell real bad. I didn’t expect it to happen” Maurissa told reporters, “She’s just been the most horrible bus driver I’ve ever had, she hurt my feelings very bad.” Maurissa was not able to tell her mother, Patricia, about the situation until she returned home from school that day, due to school officials not allowing her to call home.
First Student, the company which runs buses, said the bus driver was immediately fired.  Maurissa's family plans to hire an attorney to seek answers.

View Maurissa's interview below.


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