Weave Loans Are A Thing That's Really Happening

We support women wearing their hair exactly how they want to. If your choice is straight, curly, weaved, or bald, feel confident about your decision and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But I must admit this commercial for The Weave Loan Store in Detroit raised an eyebrow.

It's estimated that Black women spend a total of half a trillion dollars on our hair annually, so, of course, a business dedicated entirely to financing hair seems like a logical (?) next step. But you've got to worry that this will be yet another way for predatory lenders to trap Black women. No, we're not the only people who wear weaves, but the unintended consequences are concerning.

I was hoping this entire thing was skillful satire, but they've posted a real phone number and address with the video.

Take a look at the commercial below.


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