New Mom of Quadruplets Nearly Dies Days After Giving Birth

Dr. Monica Peeler-Reed, a physician who practices internal medicine is accustomed to diagnosing patients daily. A week before giving birth to quadruplets, this doctor and soon to be mother experienced shortness of breath that got progressively worse after the four beautiful babies arrived.

During this time, Dr. Peeler-Reed did what she knew best. She sat down with a pen and paper and began to do a self-assessment. She then realized that she was experiencing heart failure.

Once rushed to the hospital, Dr. Peeler-Reed was put on blood pressure and heart failure medication. After more than a week in the hospital Dr. Peeler-Reed's heart and lung functions began to improve. She was finally released from the hospital and returned home to be with her husband and new babies. Dr. Peeler-Reed is now constantly on the go with two girls and two boys. Her advice for women is to first take care of yourself.

Watch the family's amazing story below.


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