Beyoncé Reveals How Her Vegan Diet Keeps Her Flawless on "Good Morning America"

Today on Good Morning America, Beyoncé revealed how she keeps her body in shape. In addition to working out, she consumes a vegan, plant-based diet. Many Beyoncé fans were hoping she would announce new music or a tour in her GMA announcement.

Beyoncé says The 22-Day Revolution, a plant-based program by exercise physiologist Marco Borges, has helped her drop pounds and achieve firmer, healthier skin.

“I’m not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I’m proud of my curves,” Beyoncé said in her recorded video announcement. She admits that since a young age she has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. The program has helped her do that. Beyoncé is so passionate about this diet plan that she partnering with Borges to start a vegan meal delivery service.

Watch the Good Morning America segment below.

Photo: Good Morning America / YouTube

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