Robin Emmons Feeds the Hungry From Her Backyard to Change How We View Food

When Robin Emmons' brother was homeless with deteriorating mental and physical health, she decided to make a change to create a better life for him. He was consuming a lot of unhealthy, processed foods so she dug up her yard and started growing food there, which she donated to the facility where her brother lived. Since then, her backyard garden has transformed into Sow Much Good gardens, where Emmons and her team grow food that is distributed to low-income communities and sold at an on-site market.

In the video, Emmons says, “This has become a meaningful space for the community to come and engage and to talk about recipes and who wasn’t in church last week and what’s happening in the neighborhood,” says Emmons. “There’s real value in that.” Start the video at 7:07 to hear Emmons’ story. The 12th episode of The Victory Gardens’ Edible Feast also showcases the work of three other passionate Charlotte foodies.

Emmon’s is changing the culture of food in North Carolina and she was featured in the cover story of L!FE Magazine’s June issue.

Deonna Anderson is an Oregon-based visual journalist and editorial assistant at For Harriet. Connect with her @iamDEONNA.


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