Brittney Griner Gets Emotional About Her Short-Lived Marriage, Plans to Bounce Back

You probably recognize Brittney Griner’s name from the headlines. Blogs and media sites covered the WNBA player's altercation with partner and fellow basketball star Glory Johnson in April then their marriage ceremony shortly after. The altercation, which resulted in a 7-game suspension, has proven to be a rocky start to their marriage.

In addition, Johnson announced she was pregnant last week. The day after the pregnancy announcement, Griner filed for annulment.

Griner sat down with ESPN’s Kate Fagan to discuss the split, Johnson’s pregnancy announcement, and why she decided to end their marriage.
It seems that Griner is regretful of their April altercation. When asked what she could have done differently on the night of the arrest, she stated, “Just walk away because it never ends good. Domestic violence is never ok, no matter what the situation is. No matter what it is, it’s never the answer. It’s never right. Staying there, that was my worst decision. I should’ve left.”

In the interview, Griner also discusses how she felt hesitation to move forward the wedding and marriage. “With everything going on, counseling and classes, it just wasn’t the right way to start off our marriage. It wasn’t the right way to start off the unity like that. I wanted to take the time to get myself right.”

Griner says she plans to move forward and submerge herself in basketball as soon as her suspension is over, in addition to working on becoming a better person.

Watch Griner’s interview below.

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