District Attorney to Investigate Sandra Bland's Death Like a Murder

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis told reporters that the investigation into the death of Sandra Bland is being treated like a murder investigation, NBC News reports.

On Monday, July 13, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was found dead in a Texas jail cell, just days after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a traffic stop. According to sheriff's deputies Bland died of "self-inflicted asphyxiation." But family and friends of Bland do not trust the official version of what happened.

At a press conference the district attorney told reporters, "It is very much too early to make any kind of determination that this was a suicide or a murder because the investigations are not complete." Although he went on to say, "This is being treated like a murder investigation."

One of the things Mathis will consider, is if there was any DNA other than Bland's on the trash bag that was found around her neck. When all of the evidence is turned over to the district attorney's office, it will be presented before a grand jury.

Waller County Sheriff's Office Captain of Patrol Brian Cantrell continued to insist that Bland's death inside the Jail was already ruled a suicide. "I want to make clear that the death of Ms. Bland was a tragic incident -- not one of criminal intent or a criminal act," Cantrell said.

View new footage of EMS response to Bland, as well as updates from the Bland family attorney below.

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Source: NBC News


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