This Video Perfectly Calls Out Male Perpetuated "You Don't Know Your Beauty" BS

Daysha Edewi takes on the all too common "you don't know you're beautiful" trope in a new video from BuzzFeed, holding up lyrics from One Direction, John Legend, Ne Yo and more in which these male artists reassure women of their beauty.

Edewi asks, "You say I don't know I'm beautiful, but what if I did? Wouldn't you just call me a bitch? Wouldn't you just say I'm vain or stuck up or some other unnecessary bullshit?"

Edewi nails it when she says, "I am not a parking ticket looking for your validation." Her call to look in the mirror and love yourself, "no make-up, flaws and all" and to post that selfie without hesitation resonates loudly with all of us sick of the idea that it's not knowing your own worth that makes you beautiful.  

Watch the awesome spoken word below:


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