Black Lives Matters Organizers Break Down Their Meeting with Hillary Clinton

Black Lives Matter members met with Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton on August 11, after they were not allowed into her forum on substance abuse. The activists had been turned away after the room has been shut down by the local fire marshal.
Black Lives Matter organizers, Daunasia Yancey and Julius Jones, talked with Melissa Harris-Perry about their meeting with Hillary Clinton. In a tense conversation, the activists confronted Clinton about her history dealing with racial issues.

"Look, I don't believe you change hearts," Clinton said. "I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. You're not going to change every heart. You're not. But at the end of the day, we could do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more opportunities for people who deserve to have them, to live up to their own God-given potential."

Watch below.


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