Listen to This Poet Speak on the Importance of Black and Queer Intersectionality

"When you went home and made love to your woman that night, did it feel like two labelless bodies, two humans, free of everything except for their American[ness]?"

T Miller, a feature poet at the 2015 Vancouver Women's Poetry Slam Championship, gives an amazing performance of her poem “Open Letter to Raven Symone.” Her work addresses the intersections of race and sexual identity now associated with Symone’s infamous comments regarding her declaration that she doesn’t like labels.

Miller says, “If you tear half the label off a jar, two things happen: 1.) the contents of the jar are still the contents of the jar; the label does not make it what it is or what is trying not to be [and] 2.) a half labeled jar is still a labeled jar indeed.” Listen to the rest of this amazing and relevant poem below:

Photo: Pride Source

Natasha T Miller is an international touring slam poet, LQBTQ rights activist, and filmmaker born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.


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