Elementary School Teacher Choreographs Amazing Routines for Her Young Students

Malinda Williams, a teacher at Baldwin Hills Elementary School in Los Angeles, choreographs incredible dance routines for her students to classic songs. After posting a video to her Facebook of her young students performing in a Motown Revue she put on, the third, fourth, and fifth grade teacher has been receiving a lot of positive attention.

On her Facebook, Williams says, "My heart is so, so, so full from all of the love I have received on Facebook. I just want to thank all of you who have viewed, shared, commented, or inboxed me with the positive, heartfelt feedback. I wish I could sit all day and read all of the messages everywhere. I am truly humbled and grateful that God Uses me the way He does. "

Williams also notes this is a labor of love for her, with an emphasis on the word "love". " I LOVE CHILDREN, I LOVE TO TEACH, I LOVE TO DANCE, I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC! You find all of these passions interwoven in every video!" she writes.
Check out some of the the awesome routines below!


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