Macy Gray Wrote an Epic Love Song to Her "Battery Operated Boyfriend"

Macy Gray has written an epic love ballad to B.O.B., her battery operated boyfriend and released a whimsical animated video to accompany the song.

In the love song to her vibrator, Gray empowers female sexuality by singing of women's ability to control their sexual pleasure through handheld tools.

In an interview with Elle, Gray talks about her motivation for writing the song. She said women always "have to be so private about [their sexuality] and their periods, whereas guys can just talk about their penises and whatever. Girls always have to be so ladylike about it. I hope girls can start talking...and just say the crudest stuff."

She's also a huge advocate for vibrators. "You get bored and you stop having sex and that's a tragedy really," she told Elle. "You should have a Bob. You should have all kinds of shit. You shouldn't be so quiet."

Watch the video below.


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