Rihanna Goes Full Island Gal and Brings Drake Along in Two New Videos for "Work"

Rihanna held nothing back for her new videos for the first single from her eighth LP, Anti. In two clips for "Work" by Director X and Tim Erem, Rihanna wines and cozies up to Drake.

The first finds the two at Toronto's The Real Jerk in the middle of bash. Rihanna shows off her best skills alone and with her former boo. We also get a healthy dose of authentic Caribbean dancing from the extras.

The second is far more intimate. It's just Rih and Drake in a pink-toned room. Rih dances seductively. Drake looks simultaneously pained and pleased. The two have been intimate in videos before, but this one induces near second hand embarrassment as Rihanna's effortless cool met's Drake's special brand of corny.


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