Newcomer Andra Day Set to Take the Music Industry by Storm with Classic Soulful Vibes

by Neisha Washington

One listen and it’s clear why this up and coming artist’s voice is being compared to music legends like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse. Day’s new single 'Rise Up' is so fitting for the current social climate. In the song, Day croons soulful reminders of hope and unity. Other releases like ‘Only Love’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Rearview’ convey hauntingly beautiful stories of love, infidelity, and heartbreak.

Day attributes her transcendent lyrics to a lot of a prayer. “I prayed a lot about my songs,” she revealed in a STASHED interview. The songwriter explained, “My desire was that it was exactly that for people — healing, encouraging, transformative and comfort when people needed it.”

What is perhaps most inspiring about Day’s debut album is her courage to tell the truth, and her passion for others to do the same. Day isn’t afraid to tell the ugly stories or reveal the unpretty parts of her history. In doing so she sets herself free, and emboldens the listener to tell the truth without fear.

Her debut album 'Cheers to the Fall' will be available August 28th.

Photo: Terrence Jones

Neisha Washington is a regular contributor to For Harriet. She believes firmly in Audrey Lorde’s conviction that “poetry is not a luxury”, and strives to engage with this truth in daily life.


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