French Figure Skater Surya Bonaly Shares Her Journey on ESPN's Versus

French-American champion figure skater Surya Bonaly will be highlighted in Eva Longoria's short film series "Versus."

Here's a synopsis of the film.
Figure skater Surya Bonaly is a three-time World silver medalist, a five-time European champion, the 1991 World Junior Champion and a nine-time French national champion. But beyond any of those accolades, what Bonaly is most remembered for is her amazing one-bladed back flip at the 1998 Winter Olympics—making her the only skater to ever complete one in competition at the Olympics. Despite landing the flip on one skate, the judges ruled the move illegal. Bonaly did not medal, but she did go out on her own terms, a true “Rebel on Ice.”
The film is directed by Retta Sirleaf and will premiere on Sports Center Friday, August 14th at 6PM ET.

Preview "Versus: Rebel On Ice" here.


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