Actress Brings to Light the Conversations Black Women Have Everyday in New Webseries

Coffee and Cream is “a web series aiming to connect women by sharing our very normal daily thoughts and experiences” developed by actress Karin Nicole and her team. “[The series] was developed to encourage and normalize conversation between women (as well as men) on these “minor” but important topics focused on being a woman,” Karin wrote in a press release. “The main goal is to increase the understanding, respect and appreciation for women as a whole.”

In their Indiegogo campaign video, we get a taste of what we can expect from the series. Karin asks the question, “Ever try to lessen your level of “cuteness” just to walk the streets in peace?” Check out her experience with this dilemma in her campaign video below.

Get to know more about the inspiration behind the web series on the Indiegogo page. And support if you can.

Photo: YouTube

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