Dee Barnes Gives Powerful First Interview Since Painful Dr. Dre Assault

Dee Barnes recently sat down with HuffPost blogger Kevin Powell to give her first public interview in the 24 years since Dr. Dre assaulted her at a Hollywood nightclub in 1991.

“Dre approached… [and] he just grabbed me,” Barnes told Powell. “I thought he was going to walk past me but he just grabbed me.” 

“I mean it’s no secret… he grabbed me by my hair and started slamming me up against the wall,” she explained. “It’s a painful and traumatic experience.”

Barnes said she suffers from major migraines as a result of the attack. She also admitted that she experiences emotional grief when she hears the songs that reference her attack. One song, “Guilty Conscious," by  Eminem and Dr. Dre says: “You gonna take advice from somebody who slapped Dee Barnes?”

“Somehow [the assault] was reduced to a joke, I ain’t no joke. I’m not. And domestic violence is no joke," Barnes told Powell. "It’s a serious issue.”

Barnes filed charges Dr. Dre and reached a settlement. "I was not the first but I wanted to make sure I would be the last," she told Powell.

Barnes is currently writing a memoir to document her experience.
Watch the interview on The Huffington Post.


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