Detroit Water Project Co-Founder Speaks Out on Tech's Diversity Crisis

According to The American Association of University Women, "The number of women in computing has fallen from 35% in 1990 to just 26% today." But at tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel, the number of Black women workers is just 1 percent.

Re/code’s series, “The 26%: Women Speak Out on Tech’s Diversity Crisis,” explores what it is like to be a women in the technology field. In the latest episode they invited two Black women to explore how the intersection of race and gender impact life in tech.

Tiffani Ashley Bell, a former Code for America fellow and the co-founder and executive director of the Detroit Water Project, met with Nma Mbeledogu, a member of The National Society of Black Engineers who recently began her freshman year at Scripps College, to discuss the challenges Black women face in tech.

Watch below.


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