Google's Dara Wilson Talks Thriving and Creating Community in Silicon Valley

Dara Wilson is an employee with Google. In a video produced by Blavity for their "Black Women in Tech" video series, she discusses her journey to not only becoming a Black woman in tech, but a Black woman working at the world's most successful tech company.

After applying multiple times to the tech giant, Wilson was hired to work in their e-commerce division, in what is now the Google Play store. She currently works in marketing for Google Fiber, the company's venture into offering high speed internet across the country.

She is especially poignant about the struggles one can face in the tech industry as a minority.
Working in tech can be a very aggressive, stressful, isolating environment when you don't have anybody around you who understands at least part of what's going on in your life.
Thus, she started an online group called Young and Black in SF six years ago with friends and other colleagues also living and working in the Bay Area. The group now has approximately 500 members and hosts different social, networking, and community building events.

Check out more about what Dara had to say about the importance self-care and building community with other Black women in the tech industry.

Photo: YouTube

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