Protesters Demand Change in Virginia After the Killing of Natasha McKenna in Jail

Hundreds of protesters demanded reforms Monday night at a public meeting in Alexandria, VA after the officers involved in the death of Natasha McKenna were not charged. McKenna died February 8, 2015 after she was shocked by a taser four times by a lieutenant at the Fairfax County, Va., Sheriff’s Department while she was having a psychotic episode in custody.

A dozen people stood outside holding signs that read “Justice for Natasha McKenna,” “Film the Police” and “Instead of help + treatment, they gave her abuse + death” before the meeting started, according to WTOP.

"We demand justice for Natasha and for those like her in the detention facility today,” Cayce Utley stated during the meeting.

“This woman was having a psychotic episode. She didn’t know what was happening to her. She had men in white suits groping at her naked body,” said Erika Totten. Totten also read a 18th century Virgina slavery law, connecting it to McKenna's case.

“It was a cruel reminder of how African slaves were treated once upon a time,” said Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture.

The commission heard a report from its Use of Force Subcommittee. They are making about 40 recommendations for change including asking police patrol officers to wear body cameras and carry Electronic Controlled weapons, such as Tasers, while on duty.

The commission will meet again on Oct. 8 to vote on recommendations.

Watch footage from the meeting below.


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