Tennessee Woman Caught Racist Road Rage Rant on Camera as Driver Threatens Her With Slurs

Monica Johnson was at a red light in Nashville, TN when another driver yelled racial slurs and a threat at her, FOX 17 reports.

In six seconds of video the man called Johnson the n-word twice and threatened to punch her.

“I put the windows down so I could hear him clearly and I was baffled,” said Johnson.

She had been talking to her daughter on the phone at a red right when the man in the lane next to her began to rant. “It wasn’t because of me. It's because of what I represent and I represent black people but I hadn't done anything personal to him,” said Johnson.

Johnson shared the video on Facebook resulting in many people encouraging her to get the police involved. Police officers told FOX 17 the rant could be considered "assault by intimidation."

“I want his employers to see it, his friends to see it, his church, his family. I want them to see how he behaves towards people of color. I'm not the only black person here in Nashville. If he would say to me, he would say it to someone else.” 

Watch below.


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