Watch Baseball Star Mo'ne Davis as a Care Free Teenager on ESPNW's Voices of the Future

14-year-old Little League World Series sensation Mo’ne Davis is featured in espnW's Voices of the Future series. Retired professional soccer player Julie Foudy catches up with honor student and multi-sport athlete, Davis, on the soccer field where she talks about being a girl dominating in sports.

"Usually girls don't dominate in a lot of sports," Davis says, "When you actually see a girl dominating, you're just kind of shocked and you just want to keep watching."

Although the high schooler has many accomplishments (ESPYS award for Breakthrough Athlete, a Disney movie, a book) she admits that her dream is to become a professional basketball player.

Despite these many accomplishments, Davis proves to be a fun loving teenager who teaches Foudy how to "Whip," talks about her favorite emojis, and takes silly selfies.

Watch below.


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