'Strolling' Explores the Hypervisibility of Black Americans in Latest Installment

Filmmaker Cecile Emeke has consistently explored experiences of the Black diaspora in Europe through her "Strolling" series. She has now taken the series to America to explore Black American culture.

In the first episode of the new series, Cecile takes a stroll with Gabby in Brooklyn, NY, where Gabby talks about black american culture, hypervisibility, mixed privilege, minimalism and more. 

"I think the hypervisibility of being a black american could be a privilege," Gabby said during the stroll, "There are good things that come from visibility. There are. Maybe if you're a black person from Sweden or black welsh or something. You don't have any representation, representation is a big thing. Black americans are doing well to working towards having representation. It's not 100% but it's more than some communities and some people have." 

Watch the video below for more.


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