Former Black Panther Helps Formerly Incarcerated Through Urban Farming

Former Black Panther Elaine Brown is helping ex-cons in Oakland through Urban Farming. West Oakland Farms gives formerly incarnated people ownership of the farm and future business. 

Brown is the CEO of Oakland & the World Enterprises, a non profit that creates businesses to be owned and operated by formerly incarcerated individuals. Oakland & the World has established West Oakland Farms which grows tomatoes, peppers, kale, squash, corn, and other produce. Brown hopes to open a juice bar, fitness center, grocery store, and tech design space.

“I’m not in the farm business,” she told Civil Eats recently. “I’m in the business of creating opportunities for Black men and women who are poor and lack the education, skills, and resources to return to a community that is rapidly gentrifying without economic avenues for them in mind.”

Watch below.


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